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Why Unilock Brick Pavers?

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when you’re planning your next landscaping project is “Why should I choose Unilock Brick Pavers over the other manufacturers?”

An investment in outdoor living is a wise one. An investment in Unilock Brick Pavers is an even wiser one. The difference in Unilock Brick Pavers lies in quality, the rich vibrant colors and textures, design options, and the exclusive style and performance that you have over any other materials. Unilock Brick Pavers are manufactured with colorfast pigments and resistant to damage from deicing salt, salt water, chlorine, oil, and gasoline. Unilock Brick Pavers are also slip resistant. All Unilock Brick Pavers Select products are made using some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry to out-perform, and out-last normal pavers.

The entrance and walkway to your home are where you wait for the kids to come home from school, have impromptu conversations with the neighbors, and welcome family for the holidays. A front entrance made from Unilock Brick Pavers creates a warm and inviting entrance. A driveway made with Unilock Brick Pavers is the exclamation point to the pride you feel every time you come home. An outdoor living space with Unilock Brick Pavers creates a place to experience the warmth of family and friends, away from the world’s distractions. Unilock Brick Pavers also create stunning pool decks and beautiful accent walls to create the design of your dreams.

Nothing says “luxury living” at home like an outdoor living space with Unilock Brick Pavers and walls. With a wide range of natural colors and textures; as well as pavers ranging from 2 to as much as 4 times the strength of concrete. You can mix and match products to create your own design while having the peace of mind that Unilock Brick Pavers will last a lifetime.

EnduraColor Plus by Unilock

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Great personalized customer service! Bob Sherwood and Jen spent a lot of time bringing samples and making design revisions based on our comments to show us what could be created in our space. Scott and the installation crew did a great job – very hardworking and all of our questions and concerns were addressed right away. We love the end result and so far are very pleased with the job.

Pam C.