Pop-Up Emitter 2.0

FDM's New Pop-Up Drain Emitter

Pop-Up Emitter 2.0

FDM's New Pop-Up Drain Emitter

Pop-Up Emitter Drain Designed by Contractors

French Drain Man’s Pop-Up Emitter V 2.0 is the only pop-up emitter that was crafted by drainage contractors who understood the issues with other products on the market. It’s leaps and bounds above anything else in the drainage industry and features:

  • An indestructible turf restrictor plate that keeps grass from growing over the pop-up
  • The largest opening of 4 inches for easy clean out
  • Multi-use function with a lid that pops off to allow connection to any 4 inch drain plug
  • Ability to connect to any 3 or 4 inch drainpipe

This innovative pop-up emitter resolves the problem of clogging that other pop-ups just can’t, due to their inferior design. Designed by contractors, French Drain Man’s Pop-Up Emitter V 2.0 is a low-maintenance, multi-use, and indestructible pop-up emitter that was designed to last!

When it comes to our homes, we know that every detail matters. We created the best pop-up emitter that is detailed with your home’s drainage needs in mind.

Pop-Up Emitter Drain

Available in Corrugated and PVC

Problems with Other Pop-Up Emitters

Our 35 plus years of experience in the field and commitment to quality drove us to tackle some of the shortcomings in the drainage industry. French Drain Man pinpointed the following issues with the other pop-up emitters on the market such as:

  • Grass growing over the pop-up, which clogged the discharge area
  • Too small of an opening to clean out debris
  • Limited drain connections
  • Fragile size and design that causes them to break easily

We realized we couldn’t provide our customers with the best drainage system with the products available on the market. The pop-ups on the market led to issues with clogging, breakage, and frequent maintenance. Never willing to settle for less than the best, French Drain Man created the best pop-up drain emitter on the market to combat those issues.

The back of our yard really holds water like there is no tomorrow. I have had an awesome experience from the first visit, for the estimate, to the last visit, installation today! They took the time needed to do the job right and it turned out fantastic.

I asked them to dump some of the dirt over to the side of my yard. I explained that I have another spot that is low and I want to clean it up. So not only did they move the dirt over, they also spread it out, saving me a big back ache.

They will be back in August to add downspouts after my new siding has been installed. This entire company was awesome to work with!!

Angela C.