The Benefits of a Balanced Landscape in Michigan

The same principles of balance work in landscaping as well as the inside of your home. Sherwood Landscape Construction applies these principles to your Michigan outdoor living space and landscaping. Landscaping should be inviting and relaxing. Arranging and decorating the flow of your landscaping is key to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Energy moves throughout the landscaping and having happy healthy, properly placed plantings are part of the flow of energy. The color of the plantings have a strong impact on the flow of energy in your landscaping. Cooler colors like white and purple are soothing. Hot colors like red and yellow will lift energy in your landscaping. Balance incorporated in your landscaping encompasses harmony in plantings and flowers.

Some of the meanings of landscaping plantings are:

.Woody plantings-create movement

.Fire plantings-provide a humorous atmosphere and beauty in your landscaping

.Earthy plantings-bring peace and stability

.Metal plantings-provide a resilience to your landscaping elements and strength

.Water plantings-strong and serious in nature

Accessorize your Michigan outdoor living space and landscaping with tools to bring about balance. For example, water features such as a cascading water fall, bubbling brook or fountains adorn your outdoor living space and landscaping with the element of water to bring life and energy. When decorating your outdoor living space and landscaping bring in elements from earth, fire, water, metal and wood. The following are some examples:

.Wood-symbolizes new beginnings-arbors, benches, garden furniture

.Water-symbolizes life-fountains, water falls, bubbling brooks, water features

.Metal-encourages creative ideas and change-wind chimes

.Fire-hot, gives spark to projects-outdoor lighting, grills, candles, outdoor fireplace

.Earth-represents the mountains and soil-stone, boulders, rocks, clay pots

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