Raised Deck Design Decisions – Elevated Stone Deck in Macomb County, MI

Elevated Deck Design - Macomb County, MIA lot of homes have really high door walls due to daylight windows in the basement. People are faced with having to make some tough choices. Do you want to go with structural steel for your raised deck which is really costly, it’s a really large investment. Do you want to go with just traditional, conventional elevated decking? Or do you want to go with something that is better than traditional decking but beats the cost of traditional steel?

This is the Silca System / StoneDeks. Your looking at a raised deck with oversized posts, oversized beams, doubled up oversized joists with the Silca System / StoneDeks grates. The Silca System / StoneDeks grate is a patented grate. The Silca System / StoneDeks grate system allows you to screw the grates to joists, and then brick pave your deck.

For the beauty. For the longevity. For a decking that’s going to last decades and decades. The Silca System is a great option. 

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