Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Oakland County Property: Perfect for “Staycations”

With the enthusiasm we are all starting to feel as Michigan’s spring and summer seasons approach, you’ve got to ask yourself why you would limit your activities to only inside your house when you can take full advantage of your Oakland County property by creating an outdoor living space. Building an outdoor living space is something that requires guidance. Sherwood Landscape Construction can design and create a 3d image of your project. The craftsmanship and quality of materials we use make your outdoor living space stand the test of time. This is a great investment for your home as more and more people are choosing to stay home these days on “staycations” instead of packing up everyone for a potentially expensive and frustrating vacation.

When you think of your home, you think in concepts of rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. This same concept can be carried to your outdoor property. Think about what you want to do. Cooking? Think about an outdoor kitchen. Entertain? Maybe think about an outdoor bar. Lounge? Build a comfortable seating area with plenty of shade. It all depends upon what you’re looking to accomplish.

In Oakland County, outdoor living spaces are not limited to only summer use. You can still barbeque under your pavilion protected kitchen throughout the colder months. On those fall evenings and winter days you can sit around your outdoor fireplace or enjoy some time in a hot tub. You’ll certainly be able to find more than enough days to entertain or share a quiet evening under the stars in your new outdoor living space.

Sherwood Landscape Construction strives to bring creativity and functionality to your outdoor living space. You can bring your ideas to us and we will create your visions into your reality so that a “staycation” is now your true dream vacation.

Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Oakland County Property

From your initial consultation to your finished outdoor living space in Oakland County, our professional and educated landscaping team will work closely with you to construct and achieve the highest quality landscape project within your budget. Our commitment and integrity will be shown throughout the entire project.

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