Sherwood Landscape Company is a landscaping business which remains dedicated to providing the highest quality of products and service at a reasonable expense.  We are constantly monitoring the development of our crews, as well as tracking the progress of our projects to achieve excellence.  We strive to exceed every expectations!

We are an expert landscaping company that offers all aspects of garden style, installation as well as maintenance. We employ a creative and cutting edge layout team made up of top quality landscape contractors which assist our clients within the planning and translation of their landscape vision. Sherwood Landscape Business has a qualified and experienced building department which functions closely with our designers as well as clients, resulting within projects that are installed professionally from start to finish. Upon the completion of each project, our well-trained gardeners are able to help each client properly maintain the brand new garden to make sure it blooms just as you had envisioned.

Our landscaping business also is proud to offer irrigation methods that specialize in water conservation.  We look forward to working with our customers to help better water efficiency awareness as well as promote drinking water saving practices.

Clients have told us “how pleased they are to have located Sherwood Landscape Building.” Every team is managed and supervised by the working landscape contractor who directs as well as educates the crew through each clients design. This ensures that our landscaping company is providing top high quality service to our clients. We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication with our clients as well as stellar follow through, which we believe to be the essentials to delivering what we’ve promised … as well as much more!

Landscaping Firm in Clinton Township Provides Clients With Quality Services and Products

If you are planning on a re-design or improvements to your Clinton Township home please call us today. We will be sure to provide you with the highest quality product and first class service. Call us today at 810-673-3144.

Landscaping Firm in Clinton Township Provides Clients With Quality Services and Products