Fall Landscape Plantings in Michigan and it’s Advantages

Spring is not the only time to plant. There are some real benefits to fall planting perennials, shrubs, trees in Michigan. Planting perennials, shrubs, evergreen hedging, and trees in the fall gives them time to establish a healthy root system. Many plants continue to grow until the ground freezes. Fall planting can be successful as long as sufficient time is allowed for planting and adequate water is provided. Although less watering is needed in the fall due to much less heat as in the summer months, and higher precipitation, there is no substitute for the nitrogen found in the rain opposed to watering from a garden hose.

Plants Still Grow in the Fall
Soil temperature and moisture levels are usually at a level that promotes rapid root growth needed to sustain plants through that first critical year in the landscape.

Less Stress on Plants
Fall planting lessens transplant shock and allows the plant to build a healthy root system. With roots already established in the fall, plants are bigger in the spring and often can withstand dryer conditions during the summer. There are also fewer pest and disease problems in the fall to deal with.

Fall Landscape Design
It is much easier to see gaps in the landscape in the fall than in the spring. Also it is easier to see how big some plants really get than in the spring.

Growing Time
Many seasoned nursery professionals will tell you to allow about 6-8 weeks of growing time before the first hard frost to make sure your fall plantings are established.

Enjoy your Fall Plantings More!
Planting in the fall allows you to enjoy your garden even more and appreciate the beauty it gives you season after season.


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