Fall Landscape Installation in Southeast Michigan

When most people think of hiring a professional landscape company, their first thought is to do so in the spring time. However, looking deeper into the advantages of Fall Landscape Installation, it becomes clear why Fall Landscape Installation benefits the homeowner more so than in the Spring.

First and foremost there are significant savings in the cost of Fall Landscape Installation. Why? Just as in retail stores, spring and summer products are marked down in the fall to sell as much of Michigan’s previous warmer season’s inventory as possible. And so goes with Landscape Installation. Michigan Landscape Installers buy their inventory from suppliers. These suppliers sell plantings, brick pavers and boulders for example, to the Landscape Installation Companies. Both the suppliers and the Landscape Installers want to clear as much inventory as possible in the fall season. The most effective way to do so is to lower their pricing. The suppliers lower their costs to the Landscape Installer who can therefore lower their costs to the homeowner for Fall Landscape Installations. As a result this is a dramatic savings to the homeowner.

Along with significant savings of cost of Fall Landscape Installation, there is the benefit of the plantings themselves. Plantings take root quicker and healthier in the fall than the spring and summer months, due to cooler weather and more precipitation making it less traumatic on your plantings. Also, there is no substitute for the nitrogen found in the rain opposed to using a garden hose. Nitrogen is what gives your grass the bright green color, and plantings a healthy dose of what is needed for planting to grow fuller, brighter and healthier. In essence, what this means is, by installing fall landscaping your giving your plantings an advantage. Your fall landscaping has the time and elements to take root and absorb the earth’s nutrients so by the spring; they will be even healthier, fuller more radiant than if just newly planted.

Do You Need Fall Landscape Installation in Southeast Michigan?

Imagine the spring of 2014. The first warm day that elicits us to go outdoors. Your Professional Landscape is already completed because you took the opportunity this fall to hire Sherwood Landscape Construction for your Professional Landscape Installation. Your landscaping completed, plantings are fuller, blooms are larger and brighter and you have saved thousands of dollars.

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