Evergreen Hedging in Oakland County, Michigan

Your outdoor oasis needs evergreen hedging, shrubs and perennials in order to create the perfect balance. The right combination of plantings can take your landscaping from average to stunning.

Evergreen hedging, like boxwood hedging is the basis of all Northern landscapes and is what brings landscapes together. When perennials die back and other plant’s leaves have fallen, boxwood hedging is what keeps the structure in your landscaping. Whether it be in a sunny or shaded area, boxwood hedging will thrive. Even in heavy populated deer areas, boxwood hedging will survive because they are 100% deer resistant.

Boxwood hedging is an evergreen shrub or smaller tree that is typically grown as hedging, or used for a border or privacy in various landscapes because of their high density foliage. Boxwood hedging requires very little maintenance to thrive once fully established and can survive in almost all climates. There are even some European species of boxwood hedging that will not be harmed by frost.

Boxwood hedging produces subtle green leaves that can be used in several landscape applications. Boxwood hedging is typically found in foundation plantings due to their unique growth pattern. It can either be planted alone or with other plantings to enhance any area. Landscapers often choose boxwood hedging to close off certain areas or to separate one area from another. The small foliage and dense texture, provides the perfect opportunity to shape the boxwood hedging into attractive forms and patterns. Typically, boxwood hedging is used to make landscape borders.

Because of the many colors and growth habits, boxwood hedging has a wide variety of sizes and beautiful color schemes to choose from.

Looking for Help with Your Evergreen Hedging in Oakland County, Michigan?

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