Evergreen Hedging in Macomb County

Landscaping needs evergreen hedging, shrubs and perennials to give it balance. The experts know it is this combination of plantings that make your landscaping so stunning.

Evergreen hedging, such as boxwood hedging is the foundation of all Northern landscapes. Boxwood hedging ties landscapes together. When perennials die back and deciduous plants lose their leaves, boxwood hedging maintains structure and clear lines. In sun or shade boxwood hedging thrives. Boxwood hedging does well in areas where deer are in large numbers as they are 100% deer resistant.

Boxwood hedging is an evergreen shrub or small tree commonly grown as hedging, boarder or privacy in many different landscapes due to their high density foliage. Boxwood hedging requires minimal care to thrive once fully established and can be grown in most climates. Several European species of boxwood hedging are even frost tolerable.

Boxwood hedging produces leathery, inconspicuous green leaves and can be used in a wide variety of landscape applications.Boxwood hedging is often planted as foundation plantings because of their unique growth pattern. Boxwood hedging can be grown alone or with other plantings to beautify any area. Landscapers often choose boxwood hedging to enclose certain areas or separate one space from another. The tiny foliage, along with the dense texture, provides an excellent opportunity to shape the boxwood hedging into beautiful forms and patterns. Generally, boxwood hedging is used to make landscape boarders

Because of the various foliage colors and growth habits, boxwood hedging has a wide variety of sizes and color schemes to choose from.

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