LED Landscape Lighting is Energy Efficient

LED (light emitting diode) landscape lighting has received a lot of press due to its energy savings. While it has been used in holiday lighting for years, LED landscape lighting has just recently become suitable enough for your outdoor living spaces and landscaping.

Thomas Edison is widely credited with inventing the incandescent light bulb, the very ubiquitous source of illumination for most of the world for well over a century. The problems that incandescent bulbs have are:

1-A very short life.
2-Generates significant heat.
4-Very energy inefficient.

The benefits to LED Landscape Lighting are:
• LEDs use a fourth of the energy of other low voltage lighting
• The bulbs can last you up to 50,000 hours, resulting in lower maintenance costs,
• The appealing light will show your property’s colors just as they are,
• And they now have the brightness and directional abilities that make them a viable outdoor lighting option.

Start Saving Energy with LED Landscape Lighting.

LED landscape lighting makes lighting your outdoor living spaces and landscaping more affordable than ever with new products that save power and last, in some cases, for as long as 22 years. Consider the benefits of spending only 25 % as much as you currently are paying for electricity to light your outdoor living space or landscaping. Think about how it will feel to not have to worry about replacing anything you buy for years to come.

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