Boulder Retaining Walls in Oakland County: Built with the Best

Building a boulder retaining wall can add a lot to your Oakland County property. The three major benefits of retaining walls are that they hold back unstable soil, provide you with more useable land, and keep the ground from washing away. The function of retaining walls is to ultimately provide structural support on downhill or steep land to contain and stabilize the soil behind the wall system. Boulder retaining walls also add beauty to your home and landscaping.

Sherwood Landscape Construction utilizes only the best rock. Our team uses precision and quality when selecting and creating your boulder retaining wall. We use the highest quality grades of boulders to construct the very best boulder retaining wall for your property. Our boulder retaining walls stand the test of time by using Grade A products and equipment.

Our gifted team of professionals uses their artist eye to incorporate innovative design and beauty to create a look that is unparalleled. When creating rock and boulder walls it is important to choose the correct face position and rotation of each boulder to create a strong secure wall with uniformity and an overall look that is pleasing to the eye.

Boulder Retaining Walls in Oakland County

Sherwood Landscape Construction is fully qualified and has the knowledge and training to create the look you are seeking. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and can also provide complete landscaping and outdoor living design projects.

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